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Undocumented migrants and Covid Vaccines on BritBanglaCovid (Recorded Webinar)

It was a pleasure to have hosted another important topic: undocumented migrant and covid vaccines to encourage vaccination campaign for all in Britain regardless of having a password. I would like to thank: Rachel Blake - Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets Nurur Chowdhury   - Senior Scientist from Barts NHS Sunitha Dwarakanath -   Regularise Natasha Howard - Innovation and Information Manager   NE London NHS Naseem Talukdar -   Feed the Homeless All the shared materials can be found below: ttps:// TerminologyLeaflet_EN_PICUM.pdfhttps://     WHOs COVID Mythbusters page   How to Spot Fake News - COVID edition   Scroll down for links in different languages British Society for Immunology Guide to vaccinations for COVID-19   https://www.imm
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Bengali anti-racist fighter provided food packages to vulnerable residents during pandemic

  A COMMUNITY CAMPAIGNER WILL ALWAYS BE A CAMPAIGNER - THIS WAS THE CASE WITH MAIUM MIAH TALUKDAR ONCE FOUGHT AGAINST RACISM; DURING THE PANDEMIC HE CAMPAIGNED TO FEED LOCAL RESIDENTS MAIUM'S EARLY LIFE IN BRITAIN ‘My dad had a vision for us to do well: to get good education and a good job,' said Maium. Maium remembers Bangladesh being overcrowded as a child. His initial experience of the UK was completely the opposite.  ‘Everything was different. It was beautiful and nice. It was very different from the country I was born in. Obviously, I was very young at the time. In Bangladesh, I was use to being with Bangladeshi people. When I came here I see a different variety of people.’ Maium came to the UK in 1984. He was 5 years old. Having lived in various temporary accommodations  in many parts of London, his family then settled in the  Isle of Dogs. They were the first few Bengali families moved in to the area at the time. RACISM IN ISLE OF DOGS They lived near a park. They would

BritBanglaCovid's campaign Meeting - Vaccinate Undocumented

BritBanglaCovid's final campaign Meeting - Vaccinate All! EventBrite registration to this meeting is a must and click:  here As part of a wider campaign to eradicate Covid-19 virus in Britain, we need to find a way to vaccinate undocumented migrants. The next BritBanglaCovid public meeting is on 28 March at 3pm. This event is about understanding the actual workings of the NHS as a pillar of the state and how different aspects of this pillar work so we can understand why undocumented migrants do not need to fear to register with their local GP. From the perspective of BritBanglaCovid, there are a number of reasons for individuals without papers not registering with their local GP to get Covid-19 vaccines: including the fear of deportation, the fear of taking it, the health complications after taking it and the financial cost. To encourage such a community BritBanglaCovid has invited: - Abdi Hassan Founder of Coffee Afrique - Rachel Blake - Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets - Cabinet Mem

Vaccines are free even without papers! A campaign (in Many Languages)

BritBanglaCovid has designed leaflets in a number of languages highlighting the following:  'If you have no paperwork to prove your immigration status, don't let that stop you from vaccinated. You do not need to show proof of your immigration status nor your ID nor your address. You can register with a local General Practitioner (GP) for free of  charge. COVID VACCINES ARE FREE OF CHARGE!' (ENGLISH EDITION) BANGLA EDITION FRENCH EDITION GREEK EDITION ITALIAN EDITION POLISH EDITION PORTUGUESE EDITION ROMANIAN EDITION RUSSIAN EDITION SPANISH EDITION TURKISH EDITION URDU EDITION YORUBA EDITION -----------------------------------------

Migrants & Refugees under Covid Public Meeting (Recorded)

Having spoken about a broad range of minority related subjects during the first, second and third lockdown, this time BritBanglaCovid organised a Zoom public meeting with experts, campaigners and community groups who know the impact of migrant and refugee communities during this pandemic. Migrants are left without any protection from social distancing rules, and health protection when they need help. Professionals had demonstrated how migrants are dehumanised by the NHS and other officials.

Migrants & Refugees under Covid Public Meeting

Join another public meeting on 7th February 2021 at 3pm. Link:  Here BritBanglaCovid has been at the forefront of raising issues impacting British Bangladeshi and other minority communities during the pandemic. We have noticed how the Windrush generation was and is being treated by the current British government. There has also been a strong community response against racism and the hostile environment in UK and beyond. Let us not forget the Black Lives Matter movement. But the real question for 'Migrants and Refugees under Covid' Zoom public meeting is: 'how did the hostile setting manifest itself during the pandemic both nationally and internationally?' And then to follow up from the issue is: 'what practical strategies worked and did not work against such a hostility?' To understand a complex issue, BritBanglaCovid has invited national and international experts to take part in our 4th Round Table Discussion: Antonia Bright - Chair of Movement for Justice Jame

BritBanglaCovid wants Bangladeshi Stories

Rate of deaths in the UK is to rise more than ever before. We are yet to see many Bangladeshis to lose their loved one  and no doubt their jobs.  In such a scene we are also seeing heroic figures doing what they can to support those who are vulnerable in their local community. BritBanglaCovid want to hear from you to capture your stories to share to the future generations to come.  This is an unprecedented time as you know.