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Get a booster jab to protect yourself and others from Omicron in Britain

We need to protect our community against a new wave.

We've come a long way in Britain regardless of what mainstream media say about us Bangladeshis in Britain!

Many of us live in overcrowded housing conditions  just like many Pakistanis.  We also work in public facing jobs just like many Afro- Caribbean communities. 

Regardless of our challenges, according to the government's  Covid Disparities Report 2021 published on 3 December 2021:

'Bangladeshi group was the only ethnic group...the highest vaccine uptake at 91.7%.'

We must not forget how far we, as a community, have come.

We just need to push a bit more to protect ourselves from Omicron by getting a booster.


  1. Basically whatever you ethnicity/race/colour just get the jab. We all need to stop making excuses and just get jabbed. We have the worst booster rate in the UK. Let's change that please.


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